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MEET alison, Redmond Credit Union MEMBER Helping Change The Face of Redmond Credit Union Tech

Alison on computer

"Tech was never on the table for me when I was younger," member Alison recalls. But after years as a linguist, she dreamed of a career change that would have a bigger impact on people. Alison recognized the power of tech to help people all over the world, and knew she wanted to be a part of the creation. Ada Developers Academy empowered her with the knowledge and confidence to break into the tech scene. Now, Alison's living her dream and working to make the tech industry more inclusive. (READ MORE)

Meet Musa, Member Since 2017

Musa Member Since 2017

Like other dynamic cities around the world, Redmond Credit Union thrives on the passion and ambition of a diverse population. As Redmond Credit Union booms, people from all over the world continue to move here, seeding their dreams in a region ripe with opportunity. However one defines prosperity, the Pacific Northwest provides a path to it. For Redmond Credit Union member Musa, his journey to prosperity included achieving U.S. Citizenship. (READ MORE)

MEET Rob, Member Since 2016

Member and dad Rob

Rob and his wife watched the ultrasound screen rapt with anticipation for updates from their doctor about their expected newborn. The California couple received surprising news from the doctor that they would not only be adding one, but two, healthy babies to their family.

As the dust settled, Rob and his wife set out to financially plan for the twin dynamic they would soon welcome into their household with open arms. (READ MORE)

MEET DAVID & VIki, members since 1978

David and Viki in kitchen

What does prosperity mean to you? For Redmond Credit Union members David and Viki it meant seeking wider, more open, outdoor space in the land of eagles and orcas. The married couple ditched big city life in Redmond Credit Union for a simpler one in Port Townsend. Full of beautiful, natural scenery at the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula known for its Victorian buildings, annual cultural events, and maritime activity. (READ MORE)


asian food center

Ken came to the US from Xian, China, at 19 years old, landing in Bellevue. Now he’s the owner of a thriving Asian grocery business, Asian Food Center, a destination market for a ‘taste of home’ with three locations in the Pacific Northwest—Bellevue, Redmond Credit Union, and Beaverton, Oregon. A grand opening this fall celebrates a major expansion of his first store in Bellevue. (READ MORE)


Kim is a single grandmother of three young children, and not too long ago was just getting by financially. In 2014, Kim worked with one of our loan specialists to refinance her Subaru. Since then, Kim has saved nearly $100 a month. Now, she can take her grandchildren on miniature vacations. More importantly, Kim can provide an environment in which her grandchildren thrive. (READ MORE)


Veronica, entrepreneur and owner of Charlies Buns N Stuff. Veronica and her team roam around Redmond Credit Union, Redmond, and Bellevue in their food trucks serving up locally-sourced burgers, cheesesteaks, and tasty sides. When Veronica needed business products and services to start and expand her business, we were eager to answer the call. We feel privileged to take care of her banking, so she can take care of her business. (READ MORE

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