Business Checking and Savings

As a business owner, you know that the best tool is the one that fits the job, is easy to use, and works every time. You know that extra bells and whistles can mean time lost to figuring out how to make them work and possibly paying more than you need to for the same tool.

Your business accounts should fit the job, like any other tool. They shouldn’t come with a long list of conditions and restrictions or a bunch of hoops to jump through. They shouldn’t hit you with high monthly maintenance or transaction fees. They should simply allow you to access your money when you need to, to keep your business running.

That’s why Redmond Credit Union offers streamlined, straightforward business accounts with very few requirements. These are full-featured accounts with everything you would want for your business without the headache that can come with some of the business accounts at the big banks.

Small Business Checking

If you don’t have many transactions each month, this is the account for you. It is a simple dividend-earning account with no monthly service charge and no minimum balance fee. Your first 150 debits and 150 credits each month are free. After that, additional debits and credits are only $0.20 each.

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Business Checking

If your business activity requires you to deposit many items at a time or make several deposits a week, a Redmond Credit Union Business Checking account will likely meet your needs. Like our Small Business Checking account, Business Checking pays dividends. Business Checking, however, allows you 50 more debits each month. Additional credits and deposits are just $0.20 each. Business Checking has a $15/month service charge, which is waived if you maintain a moderate daily balance of $2,500 or more.

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Business Savings

Your Redmond Credit Union Business Savings account establishes your membership and gives you a way to put away money for unexpected expenses or plan for large purchases. You can set up automatic transfers from your Redmond Credit Union Business Checking or Small Business Checking account to grow your savings balance with no headaches.

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Business Money Market and Certificate Accounts

For a better return on the money you put aside for emergencies or other business goals look into a Redmond Credit Union Business Money Market or Business Certificate Account. Both provide a better rate for larger balances than the regular Business Savings account.

Business Money Market account rates automatically adjust when your balance increases.

Redmond Credit Union Business Money Market and Certificate accounts give you the benefits of a higher yielding account with flexibility you won’t find at other institutions.

What documentation will you need to open your Redmond Credit Union business account? Click for a complete list.

Required Documentation for Opening Business Accounts



Do your financial business when it is convenient for you. Most Redmond Credit Union branches are open weekday evenings until 6pm and Saturdays. If you can’t make it during business hours, each branch has a secure night drop for after-hours cash and coin deposits.

You can also use any of the 28,000 free Co-op Network ATMs in the US and Canada to make deposits, withdrawals, or transfers. Redmond Credit Union Business Accounts come with free VISA® debit cards, so you can make purchases without having to write a check.

Manage your accounts
on the go

Access your accounts from wherever you are. With Redmond Credit Union’s free mobile app for Apple and Android, you can:

  • View account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer between Redmond Credit Union accounts
  • Schedule payments to existing Bill Pay payees
  • Deposit checks remotely, using your device's camera
  • Find the branches and surcharge-free ATMs nearest you

To download the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and install the application on your device.

Log in using the same username and password you use for Online Banking, and you're all set.

Redmond Credit Union's Mobile App


Monthly Fee does not apply if average daily balance remains above $2,500

Debits or credits above the maximum limit are subject to a $.20 per transaction fee

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