RV Loans

The RV lifestyle is all about freedom and convenience - the freedom to explore the country without sacrificing the conveniences of home. On any given weekend, you can pack up the RV and hit the road, no reservations or even destination required. 

The best way to see the U.S. is on the highways and back roads that crisscross the country and take you from one amazing adventure to the next. They don't call it The Great American Road Trip for nothing. 

It doesn't matter whether you're in an elegant 40-foot motor home or a cozy 8-foot pop-up trailer. There is an RV for every budget, and Redmond Credit Union can help you get the loan.

We offer financing up to $250,000 for your RV with terms from 84 months all the way to 180 months. Our low rates can make a big difference in your payment whether you are purchasing a brand new rig or looking to save some money of the one you already have.

Redmond Credit Union RV Loan Features

  • Easy, fast online applications at smcu.com
  • Most loans can sign electronically without having to come into a branch
  • Loan amounts up to $250,000
  • Terms from 84 to 180 months
  • No origination fees
  • Available Mechanical Breakdown Protection and GAP coverage to protect your RV and your credit
  • Redmond Credit Union's Anytime Skip-a-Pay for when the unexpected occurs  

Protect Your Loans and Your Good Name

Unexpected events, like an illness or emergency, can wreak havoc on your short-term finances. When you borrow from us, you have access to special products designed to help you weather the storm.


Anytime Skip-A-Pay

Redmond Credit Union’s innovative Anytime Skip-A-Pay program allows you to skip up to two loan payments every twelve months with the payment of a small processing fee. Anytime Skip-A-Pay gives you the flexibility to deal with unforeseen expenses like home repairs or unusually large credit card bills without causing any damage to your credit score.


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Debt Protection

When you get sick or lose your job, monthly bills can pile up quickly. When you add our Debt Protection to your loans, you get peace of mind knowing that your loan payments are covered while you get back on your feet. You can finance the cost of coverage into your loan for just a few dollars each month.


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Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP)

MBP, also known as Extended Warranty, can cover repairs and unexpected mechanical breakdowns and enhances existing manufacturer’s warranties. MBP can come in handy when you purchase a new or used car. All of Redmond Credit Union’s MBP plans come with roadside assistance, rental car allowance, paintless dent repair, and windshield repair. Zero deductible plans are available.


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GAP Advantage

If you are in an accident in which your car is totaled, a GAP policy will usually pay the difference between what you owe on the loan and what the insurance company says the car is worth. GAP is particularly valuable when you buy a brand new car, as they depreciate most quickly in the first year of ownership and could leave you with a sizable bill in the event of a crash. 


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private party financing

Private-Party Financing

If you are buying an RV from a private seller in Washington State, Redmond Credit Union should be your first stop. We've been financing private-party sales for years. We have trained loan representatives who can guide you through every step of the process to make sure you get the deal you want with no surprises.


  • Processing the Department of Licensing title work to transfer ownership.
  • Researching what the car you're looking at is actually worth.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection, which can protect you from costly repairs.


To make things even easier, we'll cut a check directly to the seller, so they have the peace of mind of receiving their money promptly.

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RV Rates


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Up to 120 Months
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Up to 144 Months
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Up to 180 Months
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